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[09 Jan 2005|04:57pm]
um take this journal off your friends lists because i haven't used it in months and probably won't use it again. add
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um take this journal off your friends lists because i haven't used it in months and probably won't use it again. add <lj-user="needyounow_"> if you haven't already.
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[06 Oct 2002|11:10am]
my mothers favorite band in the universe played radio city last night, and i didn't get her tickets. wow, kirsten feels like major shit.

they are playing akron on zac's birthday. someone really hates me don't they.

i am going back to friends-only, i just thought the whole world wanted to know what a shitty daughter i am.
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question [30 Sep 2002|05:12pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

i am going to go friends-only. does anyone not on my friends list read this? if no one replies (either with a lj whom i'm not friends with, or annoymously with no lj - but put who you are) i'm starting f-o after this entry. if you don't have an lj, and you're a good enough friend, i'll get you a code so you can read. so, if you'd like to be added let me know. i'm welcome to new friends :).

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[29 Sep 2002|09:30pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

let me sleep
for when i sleep i dream that you are here
you're mine
and all my fears are left behind
i've loved no one else
the nightingale sings gentle lullabies
so let me close me eyes
and sleep
a chance to dream
so i can see the face i long to touch
to kiss
when only dreams can bring me this
so let the moon shine
softly on the boy i long to see
and maybe when he dreams
he'll dream of me
i hide beneath the clouds
and whisper to the evening stars
they tell me love is just dream away
i'll dream away
so let the mood shine
softly on the boy i long to see
and maybe when he dreams
he'll dream of me

[dream of me ; kirsten dunst]

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colds are such motherfuckers [28 Sep 2002|06:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so let's see. yesterday @ school, i skipped the pep rally and hung out with tom. than later on, daddy and i drove to hartford (CT) to see sir paul. FUN FUN FUN. it was an amazing show, and it would of only been better had i not been sneezing and dying.

i missed the dance because of that. today, i blew of the parade/game for the first time EVER (same with the dance last night, actually, and the pep rally - i went to all that shit last year even when i DIDN'T go to carmel) to work the hospital fair with fbla. the day basically involved me and jaim being morons all day. we got free shit and bought plastic lobsters (i named mine rivers to annoy tom, hers is larry, and i don't think everyone else named theres). we pissed off rob boyle and john balint all day, and fun shit like that.

tonight, like usual, i am seeing tom. what fun ;).

[ppl on my friends list - fo entry coming next]

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*sneezes* [27 Sep 2002|06:07am]
[ mood | cranky ]

the strep is gone (i am now assuming i was dying of a sore throat, not full-blown strep. i'm always getting sore throats, strep only comes a few times a year :D say hi to the drama queen) - now i'm just dying of a cold.

i met this musician and he's sending me his songs. i've gotta stop this - the worst part is, i have these stupid requirements to even look at a guy, and like.. no one fits them, haha. BECAUSE THEY ARE SO OUT THERE :D.

me and bethany had a nice conversation last night. she's such a good person, a good friend. my dad found a link to her lj though, and i am scared. oh well :D.

i'ma go.. get dressed. talk to ya'll later.

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this song is so beautiful [25 Sep 2002|09:32pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i am burning everyone i know copies of sol dog's live cd from last summer. it's so amazing. this song reminds me of z though - you know, that boy who hasn't bothered to contact me in three weeks. baby, i love you too *glare*.

i am dying of strep. and yes, tom & jay, you CAN die of it (it's cool two people both told me you can't when you can). so :).

a lot's been going on, and i can only tell josie. i do need to tell tom one thing though - and eventually i will talk to jill.

i don't know this song. and the one after it i don't feel like listening to *skips to my 2nd favorite sol dog song*. k SO GOOD. ah i love this cd. and i miss rev, i haven't talked to him in a few weeks. i'ma go email him :). love ta ya'll.

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i.o.u one galaxy ; the ataris [25 Sep 2002|06:12am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

stars are out tonight
and you're the brightest one shining in my sky.
it's like every wish i ever made came true.
the day i woke up lying next to you.
will you be my best friend
if i offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
we could hang out every night
and watch the sun go down.
as long as we could watch it rise again.
gave me a valentine.
it's these little things that stand the test of time.
i've saved the tickets from the shows that we've been to.
and a thousand other memories of you.
gave you this i.o.u. today.
it said good for one galaxy.
once I build my rocket to the stars.
we'll fly away just you and me

that's for no one, actually. just wanted to put lyrics and that song came up. i should probably get ready, i've gotta leave in 20 minutes :). todays pajama day though (the only fun spirt day!!). tomorrows twin day - ah i miss those days (SHARON!).

me and jill had a long talk last night - i love her so much. i hope we fix everything. she's been my best friend for HOW LONG now? no guy will ever mess that up, directly or indirectly.

k, i'ma go cause i also have a sore throat so i should take something for that.

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=w= [24 Sep 2002|08:30pm]
[ mood | productive ]

six years ago today, tom's favorite cd, and what has become one of mine, PINKERTON came out. YAY WEEZER. happy six years, pinkerton.

also, today, the lion and the witch came out. yea, i'm going to have to spend like 320498230 dollars (or like 15 haha) to buy it cause i'm a dickhead and didn't preorder. or i could just make tom burn it.. nah, that's LOGICAL.

i'ma go.. do something weezer-ish. or eat fried raviolis. HELLO, FOOD :P.

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i'm sucha fucking bore [24 Sep 2002|06:20pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

a lj-based surveyCollapse )

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no fucking way [24 Sep 2002|03:49pm]
[ mood | sad ]

m2m is definetly over, and marion got her own record deal.

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school is damn cool [24 Sep 2002|11:33am]
hi. i am in school. accounting is a fucking joy. no not really. let's see. steve is either in love with becky, josie, or me. i bet you all care. math class officially is a free period for me, i do nothing. i finished my child psych essay during it last period, yay. nazi germany starts in like 8 minutes, and it's scorss the school, and i'm here for three more minutes. yay, joy. i need to gain 13 lbs. this will not be fun. going to beat tom now.
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argghhh [23 Sep 2002|06:32pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i was wrong. i went to WAL*MART and bought a scale today, and i'm under 90. how nasty, i'm on a mission to gain ten pounds.

i got a starbucks doubleshot and loved it so much i bought one for tomorrow.

i'm off to do child physch work <3. accounting is a bastard. that is all, ttyl.

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i almost forgot, i'ma ditz [22 Sep 2002|10:15pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i can't go to homecoming. not that i care, i was prolly going to pull another *protest* like i'm doin with the proms. but WHY can't i go, you may be wondering?

PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!! daddy bought me tix to see him @ the hartford civic center. yayyy. and then, since he got vip for him and his friend for the stones in philly last week, he boguht me hella good seats for them @ the garden (msg) in january. YAY. i can't wait to go on 3209432498723 tours next year. word. i'm skipping the ataris in november though, how un-me is that?

AND, before i go crash (sleep is so underrated), i came up with an idea. instead of my crackheaded plan to dress up like jill for candice's party, i may just dress up-UP in a nice skirt and shirt and all. it depends. daddy just told me her party (which is in like 2 weeks and he's djing) ends @ 10, which means weezerpinkerton is being dragged out afterwards, lmfao. that is all, night :).

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oh yes [22 Sep 2002|03:24pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

i lost 6 pounds in the past like, month. i am now 90. and i look gross. and i feel gross. i didn't want to loose the weight, i've been eating like MAD. so tom and jan were telling me to get up to 100, and the highest i've ever been is 97, and i never ever wanna be 100, so i told tom i'd get up to 99. so that's my goal. everyone will be loosing weight while i gain it *bites into her chicken cutlet sandwich*.

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omy haha [20 Sep 2002|11:27am]
[ mood | okay ]

accounting is sucha bore. we're all on lj, how sad is that?

>>this<< is what i do in my free time.

i'm off, another test next period, then free YES. k i'm a dork. i don't know whether or not i wanna go out tonight. hm. k bye.

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*cursing* [20 Sep 2002|06:10am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

my friends were all like "don't worry, your lip won't swell, you can't even seen it." HELLO GUYS. guess how many people are getting their asses kicked in like 40 mins.

my lip is swollen. this is WRONG. i do not wanna deal with school with this LIP. lmfao. i'll just wear a really ugly outfit to take peoples.. eyes.. of my lip. yes, that's it. this better go down by like.. tomorrow. tonight would be good, actually, cause i may be.. out :P.

i'll be on sometime. <3.

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it's funny, virginia had no idea who i liked until tonight :P [19 Sep 2002|10:36pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

curriculum night was like a party. i hung out with meredith for three hours, and jaim, erik, and flip on and off. i actually talked to jill for the first time. my mortal enemy's brother walked by, and i had to ask jill if it was definetly him.. so we were being.. decent after that.
and.. well this is actually EXCITING. i "met" mary-ann. everyone minus tom is like WHO THE FUCK IS MARY-ANN right? she's the first girl tom cheated on with me, last november (hi our first kiss :D). she's two grades behind him, one behind me. so they're all telling me who she is and i'm like NO YOU'RE LYING cause she didn't look the same as she did last year, but tom said she got hotter so i'm like.. oh? but then they called her mary-ann and she answered so i was like OMG. and she was looking at me and i'm all "uh you dated my best friend..." and they all were like "HAHAHAHHA you should so tell her" but i didn't. then i still didn't believe it was her and they are like "YOU DATED TOM LAST YEAR RIGHT?" and she's like "yea...?" and i'm like "uh why??" and she's like "i do not know". i laughed :). and me and merry went back up to work, and i was like "yea i can just be like 'hey me and your exbf fooled around when you were together'" and merry was like ".. and you still are" it was so great, i love my friends. oh, and when we were signing out, she was sitting there, and she initiated like small talk. i was all hiakwardmuch. then merry and i were walking downstairs (well this was earlier but i'm trying not to skip around) and i fell into the metal post and killed my lip. I AM A FUCKING GENIOUS :D. so then actually later i showed d and she showed concern. despite everything, she was my best friend for YEARS and i still love her. just, things obviously aren't the same anymore. she def has replaced me with jessica, i just didn't see it until this year. *shrug*.
i hope me and her can be decent though. i'm not loosing her friendship, but i'm not sure i can be hella close. you know? i'll just wait until she's ready.
i saw aaron tonight. he's so sweet, and cute about liking me. he wants to go to homecoming with me but i'm all no. i know who i want to go with.
speaking of that person, i think too much. but that's a whole nother story. i need to talk to him so fucking bad, i may wait til saturday though. we can fool around on his drums again (SEXY!) and he can try to carry me away so i won't break his drums, which procedes to involve me banging into his drums. he's sucha fucking moron :) :) :).
drummers are so sexy. hi, randomness rules. and my lip is being weird (:D) so i'ma go.

i love caitlin holly <33333.

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[19 Sep 2002|05:38pm]
does anyone want to see zac's haircut random pictures?

dude, how ugly can one person possibly look
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what's with these homies dissin' my girl? [19 Sep 2002|04:55pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

today is two years since i met one of my best friends in the universe. toona, i love you muchly :).

it's also two years since i've had any contact with the favorite band. that concert was so amazing, and meeting them before was one of the greatest experiances of my LIFE. i love hanson. i miss hanson.

at this moment, and tom's going to shoot me for this, but weezer is so much cooler than hanson. and i can honestly say i like them more. AH he's going to kill me :D.

jill's not speaking with me OR tom, because we are fooling around. hey doll, get over it, we've been doing this for a year. don't think we're going to stop on account of YOU *laughs*. everyone else, don't mind me, i'm on a BAD bitch kick lately.

i got in a HUGE fight with josie @ lunch yesterday. so today, i walked up to her and said "i'm sorry" (before 1st at like 6:50am lmfao) and she gave me a hug :). she's my only close female friend in carmel, so YAY. and today during 8th, me, tom, and jan were in the caf, and me and tom ended up in this huge fight (don't ask about what, it's unimportant), so we went to the library, and i got SO annoyed, so i left, and went outside to brian, and he gave me a hug cause i was.. flipping out, and he made me talk to him and calmed me down, and then i went to becky, and was just really upset (i CANNOT fight with tom - he's my best friend, i need him, and not talking to him kills me) so we went to the library and i told tom sorry, and tom was like "what's with these appologies lately, they are so un-kir-like?" which is so true. i never say sorry. so everything is okay with me and them.

me, tom, jan, and melanie are having an orgy @ tom's saturday night. that, mel, is the plan - tom's house.

tonight's curriculum night, agghh. 6-9 @ carmel, WOOHOO! then saturday is the carwash/parc telethon. and sunday laurence wants me to go to his party and get WASSSTED and high, and i may go, but i'm supposed to go shopping with mom - oh well, i will decide.

i'ma go look at something mel (<3) wants me to see, and study some or something. i'll be on later for like a half hour, and GOD ONLY KNOWS when after then. i am hella busy lately, it's actually pretty cool.

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